Central Magnetic Imaging-North is a leader when it comes to customer service in diagnostic imaging. Many patients have apprehension or concern when they need imaging, whether it is anxiety over the test and its results, claustrophobia, or memories of a prior bad experience at another imaging facility. At Central Magnetic Imaging-North, we make it our priority to welcome you to our facility, make you feel comfortable, and provide the best diagnostic imaging experience possible.

At Central Magnetic Imaging-North, you are our guest, and we want you to feel comfortable and give you the best service possible. With Central Magnetic Imaging-North, you can expect:

  • Early morning, evening, and weekend appointments available for your convenience
  • A comfortable waiting area
  • Warm, friendly staff who are there to make you as comfortable and at ease as possible
  • Ample, convenient parking
  • Sub-specialty radiology interpretations by board certified, fellowship trained radiologists

Not only do we have your best interests in mind, but we will work with the physician who ordered your diagnostic imaging to guarantee that they have everything they need.

We make it our priority that you always experience the best and brightest with us, and we always appreciate your business and thank you for choosing Central Magnetic Imaging-North.